1. The Real Thing - The Instrumentals
    Chris Lujan

  2. Midnight Sun b/w Reach Out
    The Heavy Sounds

  3. Can I Call You Rose? b/w I Like The Way You Love Me
    Andre Cruz & Chris Lujan

  4. My Back Hurts (From Picking Up The Pieces Of My Broken Heart) b/w Somewhere Else
    Chris Lujan & Electric Butter feat. Andre Cruz

  5. The Real Thing
    Chris Lujan & Electric Butter feat. Andre Cruz

  6. How Could I Right All My Wrongs?
    Thee Baby Cuffs w/ The M-Tet

  7. Ice Cold b/w East Bay, West Coast
    Chris Lujan

  8. Que Sera Sera
    Andre Cruz

  9. The Real Thing b/w Electric Butter
    Chris Lujan & Electric Butter feat. Andre Cruz, Charlie Hunter, Adam Scone, Michael Reed

  10. Good To Be Home b/w (Until You) Come Back To Me - "stripped mix"
    Andre Cruz & The Ready Steady

  11. New Years Day
    Chris Lujan & Electric Butter feat. Andre Cruz

  12. Electric Butter
    Chris Lujan

  13. What's Left To Give (After Giving It All?)
    Dee Dee Simon w/ The M-Tet

  14. SouLeo
    Chris Lujan

  15. I Can't Take It Anymore!
    Chris Lujan & Electric Butter feat. Andre Cruz

  16. Plus One Fifty
    Chris Lujan

  17. Runnin' Persuasion
    Joe Baer Magnant & the Ready

  18. Honey Driver b/w Oddjob
    The Heavy Sounds

  19. Total Nonstop Action
    The M-Tet

  20. Ray Ban, pt. 2 (w/ stems)
    The M-Tet

  21. Alligator Shoes b/w She Ready
    The Railroad Ave. Bullies

  22. East Bay, West Coast
    Chris Lujan

  23. A Change Is Gonna Come
    The M-Tet feat. Joe Baer Magnant

  24. Sham Time b/w Train Wreck
    Noble Hustle

  25. Don't Go Actin' A Fool
    Chris Lujan

  26. Gotta Be WIth You b/w Shades Of Joy
    The M-Tet

  27. Redbone b/w Ray Ban, pt. 2
    The M-Tet

  28. 100 Days, 100 Nights (Pt. 1&2)
    Chris Hazelton's Boogaloo 7

  29. Alan Pozzer b/w Mugu Chase
    Princes Of Nigeria

  30. Trinidad b/w Grab This Thing
    Pawn Shop Soul

  31. Pick And Shovel b/w Your Friendly Neighborhood Serial Killer
    The M-Tet

  32. Sneaker Collector b/w African Spy
    The Vicious Seeds

  33. Hot Buttered Rum - Platurn Extended DJ Edit
    The M-Tet

  34. The Itch b/w The Scratch
    The 238s

  35. Where Did Our Pride Go (vocal b/w instrumental)
    Thee Baby Cuffs w/ The M-Tet

  36. Sal's-U-Save
    The M-Tet Plus Two

  37. VAMP, Oakland b/w Ray Ban
    The M-Tet

  38. "Strategical Mathematical" - (live band flip of "Whatever" by Jeru the Damaja / DJ Premier)
    The M-Tet

  39. Carol Of The Bells
    The M-Tet

  40. Express Yourself b/w Sweetheart
    The M-Tet

  41. Mike's New Adidas b/w All Growns Up
    The M-Tet

  42. Finger Poppin' Time!
    The M-Tet

  43. Number One b/w Bikes!
    The M-Tet

  44. Hot Buttered Rum
    The M-Tet

  45. Twitchie Feet b/w Bag Of Goodies
    The Incredible Say Whats!

  46. Spin Cycle b/w Rump Roast
    Majestic Soul


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